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The Future of the Young Generations in Tunisia…
A Corrupt Legislative Cover and a Failed Educational System Depict a System Crisis

The Ministry of Women and Childhood announced the outputs of the statistical report on notifications on endangered childhood situations and threatened childhood with the law for the years 2020 and 2021, represented by the launch of a child protection platform that provides the possibility of remote notification, after receiving more than 20,000 notifications in 2022, pointing the finger of accusation that most of the threats to which the child is exposed and are notified about are located in the family environment with a rate of 60 percent of the total notifications, adding that the percentage of notifications related to the incapacity of parents and their failure to care and educate reached 50.9 percent in 2021.

During the current month of January 2023, the Ministry of Education carried out an internal consultation process at the level of educational frameworks about providing a critical reading and suggestions for reviewing the school discipline system stipulated in Circular No. 91/93 of 1991, due to the change in general legislation and the changes witnessed by educational institutions, which were mainly characterized by the inefficiency of the disciplinary system in correcting the behavior of students in the school environment.

The school environment is witnessing a growing increase in the level of violence directed by students towards educators, which has reached the point of murder attempts.

And we in the Women’s Section of Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Tunisia are concerned in stating the following:

1-  The inconsistency in the path of the state’s structures and institutions reflects the intellectual imbalance that drives ıt due to the political system’s lack of a solid intellectual base based on a single principle, and we define it here with confidence and faith in the principle of true Islam which cannot be substituted for a radical solution to the problem of building the younger generations.

2-  It was stated in the General Principles of the Disciplinary System Circular 91, “Freedom is not upright as it is a theoretical concept unless it is distinguished from the desires of passions, and it is not upright as it is a moral value unless it is distinguished from all forms of laxity and carelessness.” And here we see the blessings and outputs of this crooked intellectual starting point by focusing on the Western concept of freedom in our intellectualand educational system, which led us directly to the quarrels of passions, the fall of morals, laxity and carelessness,in addition to what the educators suffer daily in the educational institutions in terms of abuse and verbal and physical violence from the student without any help, where Ministry of Women does not hear a warning whistle.

3-  The role of the Ministry of Women was determined by the colonialists through international organizations such as UNICEF, which is creating a thinking map based on demolishing the family structure and demonizing it as a natural incubator for the child under a barrage of suspicious and exaggerated statistics to create a framework that allows the passage of more laws and legislation criminalizing all of us. This is evident in that the call to revise the publication of the disciplinary system concludes with a warning that the proposals must revolve around the magazine of the rights of the child and the legislative texts issued by UNICEF, in a clear challenge to the values of the people of the country, the values of Islam.

4-  The policy of dwarfing educators - over the years - committed by the state, obstructed their mission with a group of sterile legislation that basically deprived them of their rights to be respected and appreciated. Today, the Ministry of Women continues to attack the entity of the family and the authority of the parents within it under the title of a lie: “Childhood is under threat” and “Childhood is in danger.” This comes as a continuation of the approach of attacking the authority of the shepherd endorsed by Islam: the shepherd in the state, the shepherd in the school, the shepherd in the family, which the secular system calls with terms such as vertical, patriarchal, and patriarchal authority, misleadingly and slander.

5-  Our connection to what the young generations are living in the family and what they are living in the school milieu results from the conviction that the discipline of our children’s behavior and the improvement of their morals, actions and relationships is the result of implanting enlightened concepts, from the source of the Shariah of Allah and its rulings, which can only be applied with the availability of a political will based on that, i.e. the Khilafah (Caliphate) State that ensures the creation of the appropriate legal environment for the spread of Islamic thinking as a basis for evaluation and judgment, and thus the efforts of the family and the educational institution can come together under the legitimate political system to create generations as Allah Almighty wanted.

7 Rajab 1444 AH


Hizb-ut-Tahrir/ Wilayah Tunisia


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